ASSESS: To create a tailored path to improvement

SKILLSET: Develop tools to craft logical persuasive writing

ACCOUNTABILITY: Peer engagement to develop self-discipline and motivation

CONFIDENCE: Be empowered with skills to be top choices in academia and in careers

12 Weeks to Writing Confidence

How I Do It and You Can Too!

Inside The Guide:

Learn the The Why, The How, and The What

  •    WHY: Academic writing matters even if your student isn't planning to go to post secondary education.

  •    WHY: Language arts success brings life success (hint: this is key to keeping your student motivated!)

  •    HOW: How Discern To Learn Does it - See the Method

  • WHAT: Is the writing process anyway?

  • THE HIDDEN SECRET TO SUCCESS: Well you don't think I'm just going to tell you, do you? Download the e-guide now!

  •   BONUS: That's a surprise too! Download the e-book already ;)

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My Grade 6-12 student is struggling with gaps in:
-Reading Comprehension

-Grammar and punctuation

-Developing powerful paragraphs more than 3 or 4 sentences long

-Writing persuasive MLA research essays

I love them but sheesh... they lack:

-self-control and self-motivation

-big dreams for their future

the will to do hard things and to achieve a long-term goal

Does this sound familiar?

You are not Alone!

You have just found the answer.

Learn how we Do It!

There is no magic pixie dust!

At Discern to Learn we believe in hard work, self-motivation, and daily success habits.

Does that sound impossible for your student?
I really doubt it!

You need LEVEL UP!

Get your free guide above to learn how we do it!

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